About Us


Why Choose Us

Hillcrest Appraisal has been providing quality residential appraisals in Northeast Wyoming since 2006.  During that time we have also expanded our coverage to include Natrona, Converse, and Carbon Counties in Wyoming.  We have the experience, expertise, and staff to provide high quality residential appraisal reports.  We specialize in custom and complex properties. Recently we have also expanded to provide commercial and agricultural appraisals.


The Appraisal Process

The valuation of real estate involves considering a significant number of complex issues.  All properties are different and there is no one appraisal report for every situation.  Give us a call and we can tailor a solution that fits the needs specific to your situation.


When Time Matters

Most residential appraisals are completed within 2-3 weeks from the time the order has been placed, but we can often accommodate special rushes for certain circumstances.  Commercial and agricultural assignments tend to take a little longer due to the additional complexity.  Call us today and we can quote a due date for your assignment.